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The property market is constantly changing, and staying loyal to your lender does not always allow you to reap the rewards. A home purchased a few years ago or even a year ago could differ significantly in value and the interest rates offered by lenders can differ significantly between new customers and existing customers. If the value of your property has increased, or you haven't reviewed your interest rates in over a year, refinancing your property could allow you to obtain a lower loan-to-value ratio and lower interest rate. Our team of experienced medical finance specialists have strong relationships with several lenders that provide preferential treatment to doctors and will search the market to find you the most competitive rate. Contact us today.

Staying loyal could be costing you. 

Some lenders charge existing clients a higher interest rate than new clients. This is known as a loyalty tax. If you haven’t reviewed your home loan in the last twelve months, request a health check on your home loan from an Avant finance specialist. We have strong relationships with several lenders that provide preferential treatment to doctors and will search the market to find you the most competitive rate.

If you discover that your property value has increased, you may be eligible for a better home loan rate because a lower LVR generally means lower interest rates. As a result, the cost savings from lower interest rates can help you pay off your loan sooner if you continue to uphold the existing repayments. In contrast, you can refinance and use your increased home equity to fund an investment or renovation.

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Staying loyal could be costing you. 

See the data of your home that is normally behind closed doors

Avant Property Reports# generated by CoreLogic, provide the same information banks and real estate agents use to determine an estimated valuation of your property. The reports provide information on recently sold prices of comparable properties in the area, the median capital growth of your suburb, school catchment zones, and estimated rental yields.

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See the data of your home that is normally behind closed doors

How do I obtain the right financial solution?

With a busy schedule, you do not have the time to research your property value and speak with every bank to find the best financial solution.
Overcome this hurdle by speaking with a finance specialist who can do the legwork of getting all the bank offers for you to choose the best option for your situation.

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How do I obtain the right financial solution?

Refinance your home in 4 simple steps

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    Talk to an advisor

    Discuss your unique situation and get the right loan for you.

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    Take advantage of our loan process that streamlines doctor’s applications.

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    Sign documents

    Sign the paperwork and your application will be assessed.

  • 4

    Gain approval

    If your loan is approved, in most cases you’ll have funds available within days.

Lake Bumbunga, South Australia

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Gain a client’s perspective
When I originally was looking to purchase our first home, I had so much difficulty getting a loan. We had been to so many banks, that I felt like I was scouting everywhere. Then I met Jesse – within one month, he had it all sorted out.
Dr Maylene Pineda

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, NSW

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I was being laughed out of the bank by the managers. They said 'come back in ten years time when you’re qualified...' Penny took away the difficulties associated with dealing with the banks, that really enabled us to buy our first house.
Dr Matthew Read

Upper GI surgeon

Frequently Asked Questions

When you take out a new home loan, you use some or all of the funds to pay out your existing loan. The new loan often comes from a different lender, but you can stay with your existing lender too. If you move to a new lender, they take care of paying out your existing loan.

You can refinance your home loan for many reasons, such as:

• securing a cheaper rate
• renovating your home.
• paying off debts and rolling them into your home loan.
• using funds to buy a car.

Depending on the loan you switch to, refinancing can help by:

• Reducing your monthly repayments on a lower interest rate
• Reducing risk by switching from a variable rate to a fixed rate.
• Reducing uncertainty around monthly repayment amounts.
• Providing the flexibility to pay off your loan faster
• Consolidating credit cards, personal loans or other debts into a lower rate loan
• Freeing up cash to finance a renovation or investment property purchase

Your Avant finance specialist can take you through the pros and cons of refinancing and arrange the right tailored loan, should you decide to go ahead.

No, Avant property reports are free of charge. To obtain a property report, simply provide your details on the relevant form and then you will be emailed the requested information.

No, you can request as many property reports as required.

The authors behind the property reports are Core Logic. They are Australia’s leading provider of the very latest, accurate and powerful property insights and analytics.

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